• Who am I?

    Hi there. I’m Jennifer Pajula, a graphic artist and illustrator. I’m from the States – a few of them, actually, but mostly the southeast. Home is in Finland, however, in the metropolitan area around Helsinki. I tinker around with gardening on my balcony, travel whenever given a chance, and am a hobbyist photographer.

    I attended the Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design at Georgia State University, and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

  • A bit about what I do

    Illustration, Graphic Design, photography, typography - I love it all. Currently, I'm kicking about with a design agency in downtown Helsinki.

    I’ve worked with clients including Outotec, Wärtsilä, HMD, Nokia, Diesel, and KONE, as well as smaller businesses, individuals and start-ups.

  • The little joys in life

    Art, books, boxing, and gaming just about summarize what I do in my spare time, but I also travel often and am an avid reader of design blogs and forums. I’m a beer enthusiast and putter around with homemade brewing when I have the chance.

    Being outdoors has grown increasingly important since moving to Finland, since we don't have too many months of warm weather, so you can often find me lounging somewhere reading in the sunshine.

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