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Whether the intent is telling a story, setting a scene, describing a person or thing, I've always wanted to do it visually.


This line of my work is just another type of illustration. The projects here revolve mainly around brand identity development.

Itä-Vantaan Kokoomus

This project was a total brand redesign from the ground up. The trick was to make the branch stand out while still maintaining the overarching guidelines of the party.

Refair Oy

As a long-standing contender in the industry, Refair needed a brand renewal to visually set itself apart from the competition. This was a massive project that spanned every aspect of their marketing material.


The Nokia Lumia for Business brochure showcased the Lumia range of products specifically for business users. We were tasked with crafting a sharp, appealing sales brochure that was easily engaged. I was lead designer on this project.

Tenfour Communications Oy

When Tenfour announced its repositioning, we also unveiled our new visual identity. This was an internal collaborative project in which I had a creative role that helped guide the project.

Other projects

These are various projects on which I've had the pleasure of participating, either as a part of a collaborative effort or as the sole contributing designer.


  • Who am I?

    Hi there. I’m Jennifer Pajula, a graphic artist and illustrator. I’m from the States – a few of them, actually, but mostly the southeast. Home is in Finland, however, in the metropolitan area around Helsinki. I tinker around with gardening on my balcony, travel whenever given a chance, and am a hobbyist photographer.

    I attended the Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design at Georgia State University, and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

  • A bit about what I do

    Illustration, Graphic Design, photography, typography - I love it all. Currently, I'm kicking about with a design agency in downtown Helsinki.

    I’ve worked with clients including Outotec, Wärtsilä, HMD, Nokia, Diesel, and KONE, as well as smaller businesses, individuals and start-ups.

  • The little joys in life

    Art, books, boxing, and gaming just about summarize what I do in my spare time, but I also travel often and am an avid reader of design blogs and forums. I’m a beer enthusiast and putter around with homemade brewing when I have the chance.

    Being outdoors has grown increasingly important since moving to Finland, since we don't have too many months of warm weather, so you can often find me lounging somewhere reading in the sunshine.

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